Welcome, my friend! I'm Grief, Soul Purpose, and Transformational Life Coach, Tara Accardo. Losses Become Gains offers 1:1 coaching, a membership, a blog, podcast, and community. LBG was created to serve support and guidance to those who have experienced loss and are journeying through grief. I want to help you move forward happier and more fulfilled than ever with more meaning and purpose.

Experiencing loss or grief? Losses Become Gains is here for you.

Experiencing loss or grief?
Losses Become Gains is here for you.


If you've stumbled on this page, chances are you're going through something tough right now. Perhaps you've already experienced a form loss you're trying to cope with, or you know someone who's struggling.

I'm here to be a friendly face, a helping hand, an empathizer—a resource you can lean on to help you through a trying, exhausting, heart-wrenching time. This is a judgement-free zone where you can find real, raw guidance from someone who's seen and experienced grief, too.

I want to help you process your
loss and grief in a human-to-human way.

I want to support and guide you however I can, my friend! I currently offer three ways to work with me:

get my support

work with me

My Life With Grief Membership + Community

1:1 Grief Coaching

1:1 Transformational Life + Soul Purpose Coaching

Not sure which type of support might be best for you? I have a lil' four-question quiz to help you along

The idea that you can find "gains" from your losses. This means acknowledging your grief and loss and honoring that fiercely, but also knowing a full, vibrant life is still possible even on the days when we feel like it's not. I'm here be a relatable resource to help you through your grief journey. To bring you tools and inspiration to reframe the way you think about your loss and grief to grow, evolve, and live your best possible life.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

losses become gains is...

Struggling with grief or loss? Want to find ways to live a vibrant, fulfilling life again? This is the podcast for you podcast! 

The Life With Grief Podcast is here to help redefine and challenge your grief to help you find gains from your losses. We dig into conversations around the difficulties of heartbreaking loss, coping tools, the messy parts of loss we don't always hear about, get into some amazing chats with guests, and discover ways to move through your grief to live the big, beautiful life you deserve after loss.

Listen in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Amazon!

The Podcast

the podcast

This is where we get a little (okay, sometimes very) deep. Here you'll find coping tools and resources to make sure you're feeling your best mentally and physically—no matter what kind of loss you're going through. Or, if you're simply curious to have support should a loss ever come your way. Want to better help someone goin' through it? That's amazing! Kudos to you. There are resources for that, too. 

I also serve you some inspirational content and self-care and wellness recs. Even dabble in some more personal, behind-the-scenes deets of the face behind this whole shindig—me!

my brain dump

the blog

For me so many others out there, journaling can be intimidating. Where to even start, right? With the blank page staring back at you, I wanted to take the guesswork out of it. I knew that if I wanted a journaling habit to actually stick, it would need one that is quick, effective, digs deep, and asks important questions to get me going.

This is a daily reflection journal designed to help you capture your thoughts, goals, and growth, even if you only have 5 minutes!

The Losses Become Gains guided journaling format allows you to take a moment and breathe, reflect, and dig deep. Cultivating a more growth-minded mindset by starting and ending our day with a few moments to gauge how we're feeling—and where our grief and life overall stands that day—is so beneficial. This can help us develop our self-awareness, personal growth, emotional intelligence, gratitude for what's in front of us, improve our relationships, and get to know ourselves again.

The LBG Daily Journal


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When it comes to healing your heart after a loss, you want to find someone you trust to guide you, right? It's such a vulnerable state you're in, and the last thing you need is someone who makes you feel invalidated or uncomfortable. Finding someone who can not only relate and understand you on some level, but takes the extra step to do the research to find the best tools and guidance possible for you. That's where I come in.

I felt so pulled to this practice of guiding others through their grief that I became a Certified Grief Coach through the From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program from the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching (IOPGC). As a Life Coach, I earned my Soul Purpose/Transformation Life Coaching Certification from the Highest Self Institute.

Why trust me?

This means I can be better equipped to guide you through the transformative process of handling the painful emotions of losing a loved one—or whatever your loss looks like to you.

Whether it's grief or navigating a transformative time in your life where you know there's more out there for you, I use my education and my own experience with loss and finding my soul's purpose to provide you the most well-rounded experience possible.

NOTE: I am not a mental health professional, and the work, tools, and support I provide does not replace working with a therapist or counselor if necessary.

What does this mean?