I wanted to do a quick post about a beautiful Ginger June perfume that came into my life at the perfect time. In the spirit of adding to my blog post “Understand Your Triggers” and adding to my more personal, behind-the-scenes side of this blog, I hope you enjoy!

I was walking around downtown Napa, CA by myself running some errands, enjoying a lovely sunny November day, and went into this really cute boutique (plus I had a gift card there—score!) 

I, rather serendipitously, came across this perfume that I wanted to share that was a total trigger for me, truthfully. My mom was an avid perfume lover and totally got me hooked, too. 

Perfume Fanatics

In fact, so much are my mom and I perfume fans that she and I had always dreamed of going to Grasse, France, going to Molinard (one of the oldest perfume houses in the world), and doing a perfume-making class together. Sadly, we never got to do that before she passed.

However, since my husband and I ventured to Nice, France for part of our honeymoon, he was a total sport and was happy to do a day trip to Grasse and do that class with me—in honor of my mama. Here are some photos for ya 🙂 Funny enough, he really enjoyed it and got pretty into it! 

By the way, if you’re ever in that area of France I would highly recommend doing something like this. It’s super fun, you get to take home your own fragrance creation, and you leave your recipe with them so you can order it again if you ever want to! Mine turned out to be very Old World—something you’d smell in the 1920s or 1930s… which I kind of love, actually.

The Trigger

Anyway, back to the more modern scent I found at this boutique. Basically, it completely encompassed her, and I was so shocked. Like, it really got me there for a minute. Triggers are funny like that. If you’ve experienced them, you know they can stop you in your tracks. But more than that, in that same moment SO many things can come flooding back.

Not just their smell but them walking around the house, wafting their smell wherever they go. It could remind you of a conversation you had with them. Maybe something you cooked together, if it’s a smell from the kitchen. The list goes on! Long story short, it can actually be a very overwhelming moment at times.

The Perfume

Gardenia and honeysuckle scented eau de parfum by Ginger June Candle Co. against a white marble table

This Eau de Parfum is from Ginger June Candle Co., and this Gardenia & Honeysuckle scent is honestly just so beautiful. It has notes of fresh gardenia blossoms, honeysuckle, and rose petals—it’s literally my mom and a bottle, I can’t even tell you. 

Why It’s Special

Petite woman with blonde hair under an arch with flowers and greenery, smelling a rose

If you’ve visited my website, you might have seen the bit about me loving honeysuckle candles because it gives me a lot of nostalgia. One of the reasons for that is just being around honeysuckle so much as a child on the East Coast. It reminds me of warm spring days and more simple times. My mom really loved honeysuckle, too. It’s really just such a lovely reminder of her. 

Gardenia was another flower she loved dearly, which I also happen to think smells amazing. And, roses were her all time favorite. She would constantly be taking us to gardens, she would make dried rose balls to put in a small bowl in her room–even made a necklace from them once! In fact, she told me later in life that if she could have named me now, she’d name me Ivy Rose. Little bit of a pivot from Tara Jane, but I’m here for it!

So, even though triggers like this are a little tough sometimes, whenever I wear this I’m going to think of her. Scent like this is a little hard to get used to sometimes because of all it evokes. It can almost be a little trauma inducing sometimes, ya know? But I like to think the happiness and comfort it can bring outweighs all that. I hope you feel that way about the fragrances that remind you of your loved ones, too.

Shorter post today, but just wanted to share this awesome company’s amazing scent with you all. It’s sparking so much joy for me!

But I also wanted to ask—are there any scents (perfumes or otherwise) that remind you of your loved ones? I’d love to hear! Message me on Instagram or comment here and let me know.


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