Your gain: If you haven’t heard about Welkin Memorials, allow me to introduce you to truly the most beautiful urns you’ve ever seen in your life! I’ll share why I’m so passionate about this brand, how our stories and the stars truly aligned, and why they’re one of the best ways to memorialize your loved one. Spoiler alert, there’s a special offer on these urns below!

One white urn and one black urn on a dining table

I mean, truly, did you ever think you’d see an urn this beautiful, modern, and sleek?! When I first saw them, I honestly couldn’t believe they were urns. With both of my parents being cremated, I resonated with them immediately for multiple reasons. I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, a few quick facts about Welkin for you.

What is Welkin?

  • “Welkin” means heaven or sky. But if you separate out “Wel” and “kin”, “wel” means good, and “kin” means relations. To Founder Kate Anderson, that’s exactly what Welkin stands for. Meaningful, deep relationships during life’s most challenging times.
  • Welkin was started through Kate’s own personal experience with loss. A week before her 22nd birthday, her dad died and she was next of kin and left to navigate the world and complexities of funeral planning on her own.
  • She found the offerings to be underwhelming and unacceptable. She knew she wanted to change this experience for others, she just didn’t know how yet.
  • Fast forward to today, Welkin exists to solve exactly that. With a built-in vase on top to hold floral arrangements, you can make it into something that really reflects both you and your loved one. And, hold their cremains in something that is super aesthetically pleasing!

Why I Resonate With Welkin

Kate’s story is one I empathized with right off the bat. Having lost my dad in my 20s as well, this really stuck a cord with me. But there’s a little more to the story than that!

Black Welkin urn on a white dresser with a beige jewelry box

Fun fact about me, I’m a home décor queen. In fact, my mom was an Interior Decorator once upon a time! I love home design, I prefer a slightly more neutral, classic yet homey look and feel, and I’m always changing things around. But in changing things around every so often, I need décor that can rise to the occasion, function well, and look good doing it!

As someone who loves a mostly neutral vibe, those are pieces I tend to look for. I couldn’t believe I was looking at urns and not vases. The way these (literally) look like a high-end piece of décor and can hold florals or greenery in them… wow, such a win-win for me.

Not only are these ceramic handcrafted artisan urns thoughtfully designed, discreet (in terms of not being an urn), and made in the USA, but it’s a legacy piece where you can celebrate the life of your loved one and not be “haunted”, so to speak, by the classic (and quite frankly, depressing most of the time) look and shape of an urn. 

But Welkin goes deeper than that, and it’s the story that really touched me. Honestly, it reminded me so much of my journey to creating Losses Become Gains. As most of you have experienced, Welkin exists because of the loss of a loved one. When I first visited the website, a few things stood out to me in Kate’s story that I experienced in my grief as well.

Feeling Pressured and Upsold 

Not only is the grief itself debilitating, but when it comes to picking an urn (if this is relevant to you), there are an overwhelming number of choices. I remember the first time I had to do this was with my dad when we were being shown the urn options for my mom. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, despite the funeral home director being perfectly lovely given the circumstances.

We were taken into this room lined with caskets and urns on the wall. It was hands down the most depressing and morbid thing I’ve ever experienced next to losing my mom at that point. He was being as kind as he could, I could tell, but 100% there was some upselling happening. And, whether or not he realized it, the way he was trying to sell us on it was like, “well, you want something perfect and fitting for your lovely wife and mom, right?”. Not his exact words, but slimy nonetheless.

Feeling Nickled and Dimed

Then, talk about the exorbitant prices. So ften we can feel like we’re being nickeled and dimed to find the “perfect” urn that feels nowhere near perfect. I swear, urns (and caskets) are, without a doubt one of the most outrageously expensive parts of a person’s death outside of actual funeral arrangements. And don’t even get me started on dealing with their estate, taxes, etc. (I have a blog post on this topic).

This can feel very discouraging when it comes to providing a celebration of life and a final resting place that our loved one deserves.

Outdated Choices

White Welkin urn with a white vase with greenery in it

Finally, outside of pricing, we can feel pressured into choosing outdated options. I remember hating every single urn I saw. Nothing felt right, nothing “fit” her or her personality, and not one option was one I would feel proud to have in my home. Plus, I was truly in no mood to even be there, let’s be real.

So, when Welkin came into the picture for me, I was immediately sold. No joke. I wanted one for both parents, and that’s exactly what I got! Now, I have a stunning urn (that doesn’t look like an urn, thank god) for both of them. Black for dad, white for mom.

From the meaning and story behind Welkin and the elegance and quality they so clearly have (plus, Kate is just an awesome human and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through our losses), I honestly can’t say enough about these. I never thought I’d be so excited about urns but, hey… here we are.

Be sure to check out how the urns are made through the video below!

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