Well, the time has come to announce it here in case you missed it on social media. I’m pregnant! We’re expecting a baby girl next February.

As I mentioned there, I’ll be very honest… I was hesitant to share because of the nature of this community. Not because we’re not excited, not because we don’t WANT to share, but I know so many in this community are:

✨ Struggling with fertility
✨ Have lost a baby before it reached full term
✨ Have lost a child

I want to be nothing if not sensitive to your grief, especially given this space we’re all in. But with this big life event now happening and wanting to be transparent with you, I’m excited to share a little more of this journey with you all.

That said, navigating parenthood will no doubt be one of the biggest life adjustments we’ll go through. But I must say, going through this without my parents will take this to another level. I know this because it already has, and I can only imagine how it’ll be when baby girl gets here. This very thought inspired this brand new episode on the Losses Become Gains Podcast today.

But, that’s what this community is all about, right? Being there for each other in our grief. Holding sacred space. This is the aspect of this pregnancy I’ll be sharing with you. 

How to move through a major life change like this without the people we’ve lost, but also providing encouragement along the way. Because we all need that no matter what life gives us, right?!

Your Gain From This Episode

Your gain from this episode (an episode that I had to split into two parts, because a lot came up for me!) is to learn seven ways I’ve changed, ways my mindset has shifted, and things I’ve realized since finding out I’m pregnant and embarking on this new phase of life.

I would truly be so honored if you gave it a listen because, I promise, it’s not simply an “I’m pregnant, look at me!” kind of episode. It’s vulnerable, very raw and from the heart, I admit and talk about some things that are difficult to say out loud, and I have no doubt you can relate and empathize with a lot of it—whether or not you are trying for or have a child. 

This episode focuses on so much more than just this pregnancy, there are a lot of grief-related takeaways to be had here.I put a lot of thought and love into this one, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

PS – part two is coming in a few days!

Connect With me Further

By the way, if you’re looking to connect with me on a more personal level and dig into some more lifestyle and pregnancy content, you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram @taraaccardo! I’ll be sharing more of my pregnancy journey and mom life there, in addition to sharing random daily life content, products I’m loving, and so much more. 

But, if this topic or this pregnancy journey is too painful for you to follow along with right now, that’s more than okay, too. Trust me, I know how that goes. You’re always welcome here, no matter where you are in your grief journey.

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