Angie Hanson created her greeting card brand called Butterflies + Halos after enduring multiple losses over the years. She has over 130 completely unique, beautifully crafted grief and bereavement cards. Seriously, these are not your average condolence cards!

After that much loss, you might be wondering how someone can even function properly each day let alone find love and so much light in their life. But let me tell you, Angie has and then some! She’s on a mission to change the narrative around grief and the stigma it brings to our society. For Angie, grief and loss are many things. But a huge aspect of her mindset is always being aware of where we are and how far we’ve come.

Angie’s mindset is that there is light to be found in our losses. It takes time, but finding the ability to ask ourselves how can we share hope and guide others through their journey, too, is such a gift in our grief. You will do doubt feel completely uplifted and inspired after hearing what she has to say!

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