Your gain: Dive into this episode of Losses Become Gains on The Balancing Act Podcast! Nicole Kuryel and I get into all things grief. We talk about how to begin moving forward after a loss to live a more beautiful, fulfilled life.

Our Meeting

Where do I even start!? Well, Nicole and I met through good ol’ Instagram… and I’m so glad we did. Nicole DM’d me and introduced herself. Her amazing spirit coming through, and said something no one had said to me until that point. Here’s the gist:

“Your handle, Losses Become Gains is everything to me. I always say that you can’t appreciate the day if you never knew the night.”

I was so, so happy she said this. Like she really got me and what the inspiration and meaning behind Losses Become Gains is. From there, we continued to connect and chat and found we had so many shared beliefs and shared experiences. When she asked me to be on her podcast, there was ZERO hesitation… I knew right then I wanted to be a part of it.

The Losses

Between the two of us, man… quite a bit of significant loss. If you’ve been around LBG for a minute you know I lost both of my parents and my sweet 19-year-old dog. 

Nicole lost her step dad when she was 15, who was a MASSIVE part of her life. He was someone who was truly her rock amongst some adversity her mom has journeyed through with her health. She also explains how some of the things her mom has gone through was a secondary loss to her, in a way, though not through a death. Can anyone relate?

The craziest part about all of this though, really, is that we had decided to do this podcast episode in early February 2023. In January, Nicole lost BOTH of her grandmothers within days of each other. I mean, seriously… what are the odds?

One of which especially was, again, a pivotal person in her growth and in her life. There was simply no one like her. 

The Healing Journey

I know so many of us know exactly how this feels. To have this kind of insanely massive loss and your life is never really the same again, right? It’s almost as though life as you know it is split into two: everything that happened before your loss, and after. 

The healing journey can feel exponentially difficult and endless and all the things. You might feel lost, confused, deeply in pain, unsure if you’re going to come out of this unscathed and able to function again as you once did.

I promise you, if you’re feeling this way… it’s so possible for you. In fact, I CHALLENGE you to expand your mind and allow that absolutely amazing, painfully necessary healing to come in.

As I say in this episode, you have to be “painfully present” to get in touch with this in order to grieve it properly.

The Episode

What do we get into in this episode? How to tap into that healing process I just mentioned!

Seriously, when I say so many beautiful epiphanies came from our conversation… I’m not joking. This episode is all about finding inspiration on how to begin moving forward to live the most beautiful, fulfilled life possible after a loss.

But let me tell you something. When I say it took us both time to get to the stages in our grief that we’re in… that’s an understatement. It takes SO much reflection, self awareness, self management, self growth, and self healing. Finding coping mechanisms that work for you. Even being your own grief coach of sorts to move yourself through this journey. 

It’s a journey that never really stops, it evolves. But you know what? My goal with Losses Become Gains is to be there for you in the way that I didn’t have when my grief was the lowest. I have no doubt at all that this episode will help you and start feeling and exploring your grief a little differently.

Anyway, truly I think the best thing I can tell you right now is to give this episode a listen. You can do here in this video or on Spotify! I truly hope you all enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Sending lots of virtual love and hugs your way as always,

Tara xx

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