With this being wedding season, I wanted to put this episode out into the world in a hopefully timely way because I know there are so many people in this community that are perhaps newly engaged, going through the wedding process, or are perhaps very soon about to get married. 

Or, know someone who’s going through this process and missing someone they love! Do any of these ring true for you?

I want to first start by acknowledging that weddings can be stressful enough, regardless if someone meaningful to you isn’t there to witness your special day–whether they’ve passed away or couldn’t make it, you had a falling out, whatever it is.

I feel like I’m pretty well qualified to talk about this topic, particularly because last year I went through two weddings (we had two ceremonies) without my mom and dad. As a bride who had a lot on her plate during the months of planning, on top of going through all of this without them… this process wasn’t easy for a variety of reasons, really–parent-related and not.

Your gain from this episode today is to learn how to cope with a loss during a wedding, and find ways to make sure you find your happiness and peace on your big day.

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