Today we’re talking about a really important concept that I’ve mentioned a time or two (okay, five) in the LBG community, but I feel like is something that really needs to be acknowledged here, too.

That, my friend, is the idea of pouring from an empty cup. Can you relate or empathize with this? Your gain from this episode today is to not only understand the concept of what “pouring from an empty cup” really means but, moreover, some tips on how to cope with this when it feels like you’re giving constantly and not feeling fulfilled in return.

I’ve been looking forward to talking about this for a long time because I think it nicely pairs with the episode on anticipatory grief—which is episode 13, by the way!

This idea of pouring from an empty cup is one I know well from personal experience and working with fellow grievers, as I’m sure you have if you’ve discovered this podcast, too. I have no doubt you’re going to find so much value in this episode, including 11 ways to cope with this on a day-to-day basis!

Here’s the membership I refer to in this episode, coming soon!

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