Today I have a (hopefully) very timely episode for you as we approach the holiday season… we’re talking all about how to embrace the holidays after a loss. Might feel kind of impossible or a big ask, right? Something you maybe don’t even want to consider or going there with right now.

But the truth is, the holidays won’t stop for us and our grief. The holidays—or really any special day that reminds you of something or someone you’ve lost (i.e. a birthday, anniversary, etc.)—can be one of the hardest times in your time of grief. It’s a looming reminder of what you don’t have. It can put a strain on your psyche and mood, relationships, pressure on your financial situation, and downright take the fun right out of a special time of year.

You may be feeling added stress, anxiety, despair, loneliness or emptiness, or lack of excitement. I want you to know, I’ve been where you are. I still am, most holidays. Simply put, it can be an extraordinarily taxing time both physically and emotionally. Whatever the cause of your grief, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain of loss.

These healthier coping strategies can help you come to terms with your loss by finding new, deeper meaning and gratitude in the little things. So, your gain from this episode today is to not only dig into why the holidays are so difficult (which might seem obvious, but I have some important insights for you here!), and learn tools to embrace the holidays after a loss and how to cope with the holiday season.

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