Your gain: Understand some fundamentals of grief and why it’s such a complex thing to wrap our heads around when we lose someone. We’ll then talk about how exactly we can put this into practice and move forward as fully, happily, and intentionally as possible.

I wanted to share some thoughts on what living fully and intentionally after a loss means today, as it has been on my mind a lot lately. 

So, we’re getting right into it here! How do we do this in a full, happy, intentional, beautiful way that honors both ourselves and those we’ve lost? And, moreover, not just HOW to do this but WHY it’s so important!

Especially coming up on holidays, what better time to really sit and think about this? To ponder how we want to end this year, process everything that has happened to us this year perhaps, and look ahead to next year. Or, maybe you don’t feel ready for any of that and just want the holidays to be over. I feel that, too! Just hear me out on this today and stick with me, because this is an insanely important mindset shift that I KNOW will help you along your journey

But before we dig into how to live this full, incredible, vibrant life after loss, I think an important thing to address here is how we as humans process grief. Because to be able to even see and live this amazing life we have ahead of us, we have to comprehend what we’ve been through a little bit!

Processing Grief and How the Brain Functions

When I first started educating myself on how the brain grieves, it was kind of life-changing. It helped me to understand multiple things…

  • How we’re attached to the thing we lost
  • Why we grieve it the way we do
  • Why it’s so difficult to accept and understand 
  • Why it takes so much time to move on

Do any of these things resonate with you?

Well, grief is an especially painful problem for the brain to solve. When you experience a loss, your brain now has to learn how to live in a world with the absence of someone or something you loved so deeply. Someone or something that is so ingrained in your understanding of the world. We all have this sort of “brain map” of sorts that we all live with. When someone we love dies, or when we go through any kind of loss (especially a sudden one), we need to get used to it! It messes up this brain map quite significantly.

The brain is trying to piece it all together for you. It means that for your brain, your loved one is simultaneously gone but also everlasting, and you’re walking through two worlds at the same time. Can you relate to this feeling at all?

How We Use This Brain Map We Have

That bran map I just mentioned? We use that to find our loved ones, to predict where they are, and search for them when they’re gone. The problem with grief is there’s a mismatch between the virtual map we always use to find them, and the reality. The reality that, after they die, they can no longer be found in the dimensions of space and time. There’s this situation where they’re not on the map at all, and the alarm and confusion this causes is one reason grief overwhelms us.

The brain is a WILDLY sophisticated tool that’s doing its best to catch up with the grief you’re feeling. We have to give it time to get there, and we have to give ourselves grace. Because we’re each unique, and there’s really no timeframe on this. It’s very gradual.

It’s like having the same routine each day… we get used to that. But then almost on a dime, imagine that’s completely upended. That would throw any of us off, right? After a loss, this realization happens over and over again. This is grief! It’s these countless small realizations that the brain has to process, and the truth can bring a fresh wave of grief. 

Now, I know that was a bit of a sciencey lesson, but I think this is super important to set us up for what we’re talking about in this post today. Because so often in grief support, this physiological side really isn’t talked about. At least not from what I’ve seen out there.

Changing the Way We View Grief

These are the types of things that absolutely changed the way I view my grief, because it gave me permission to understand the darker days. It gave me permission to know that there was more going on beyond the surface that I perhaps wasn’t even aware of. This shock and disturbance I was feeling associated with the deaths of my parents and dog were actually WAY more complex than I gave my body and mind credit for. 

That needed to be felt and coped with. I couldn’t ignore it, because it was my brain physically trying to relearn and rewire itself. We have to allow it to do that! We have to give our grief time because our brain has to do its thing.

I want you to remember, your body carries wisdom your mind does not. So, just because you might not feel ready. Just because you might feel like you’ll NEVER be the same (and to some extent, you won’t be, of course), doesn’t mean happiness and joy and fulfillment aren’t out there for you and that things won’t get better. Quite the opposite, actually. And I hope by everything I’ve just explained at a very high level you’ve realized that we can actively choose to live in states of sadness, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and suffering. 

Prolonged Grief Is A Choice

We might not think it’s a choice at the time, and early on, it might not be. But eventually, when not properly dealt with and coped with, that is ultimately a choice. For me, there came a point in my journey around a year and a half after my dad died that I realized this. I was my own first student here!

By properly navigating parent loss (and pet loss) and that recovery period, if you will, I strengthened my emotional, physical, and spiritual connection to myself and others—one day at a time—and developed methods to create a life greater than I could have imagined. You can, too.

Perhaps there’s no clear path forward without who you’ve lost. Zero light at the end of the tunnel (maybe you can’t even find the tunnel, right?). You’re simply “existing” but not really living because it’s just too hard, painful, or you simply don’t want to. Life has lost its luster. 

But I’ve said this in my community before—you have a responsibility to live your life as meaningfully and intentionally as possible after loss. My true joy and purpose in life is helping you get there! But you need to want that, too, and want it really intentionally. I love that word for that reason. To see the value that this mindset can bring to your life. Not just bring it to your life, but how it can CHANGE your life?

What is Living Fully and Intentionally?

So to bring this full circle back to how I define living fully, happily, and intentionally… 

It really comes down to living our truest, most authentic, joyful, content, complete self with your grief as your ally instead of your enemy. That’s how I personally see it, but I would love for you to take a moment and actually define what that means for you, too. Maybe even journal about this for a minute!

What do you envision for yourself? How do you see the rest of your life playing out. This can feel like a HUGE thing to think about depending where you are in your grief, but get a little uncomfortable and take the step to think about that today. Because how I’ve defined this full, happy, intentional living, I know, can feel like a MASSIVE undertaking when we’ve lost someone or multiple people.

This doesn’t feel like it’s in the cards. Or there’s resistance because we don’t feel worthy, or we feel guilt for moving on, or we’ve totally lost ourselves, life feeling meaningless and hopeless… I could go on. There were a lot of things I put into practice to get myself to this phase of my life. Because I can confidently tell you, I am there. I have my grief moments as we all do, as we all ALWAYS will.

How Are You Really Doing With Your Grief?

Someone asked me recently… how are you really doing with your grief right now? It actually caught me off guard, and I’ll be honest, I felt a touch of guilt at first. Because my gut reaction was… wow, I’m doing really, really freaking well. For a second I even laughed, I was like, “wow, when and how did this happen?” How can I feel so enlightened, so at peace, so fulfilled, so joyful… yet I don’t have my parents, my lifelines, here.

That’s not to say I don’t have my moments where I feel my life could be even more fulfilled, joyful, and enlightened with them here. That’s pretty trippy to think about. Like if I’m doing this well right now, imagine how much better it would be if they were actually here? I mean, that’s a hard pill to swallow, right? 

But I did manage to get myself to a place of that serenity I mentioned earlier. Some I didn’t even realize I was doing a the time! But to become the person we want to become, we have to intentionally act like the person we want to become.

How To Become Our Best Self After Loss

So, I wanted to become a grateful, self-aware, fulfilled, magnetic, happy person in my grief. That’s what I wanted for myself, and this can look different for everyone. I self-reflected. I got creative. And remember, creativity is so much more than what we do. It’s mental and goes so much deeper… it’s who you are.

You ARE creative. You ARE the creator or creatrix of your own life and story. So think about this for a second and maybe even write a couple things down… what could you create? How could you tap into this side of yourself and get to know this new version of you?

Incorporated Movement

Long story short, I moved my body! I take daily walks like it’s my day job, it’s something I proudly got form my mama. But the physical and mental benefits, especially as we’re grieving and we don’t even feel like leaving the couch, are massive!

So I want you to really think about this. Are you moving enough? Are you getting the juices going and the chi flowing throughout your mind and body? What are you nourishing yourself with? Is it serving you and your highest, healthiest self?

Opened My Throat Chakra

As much as I love blogging and will always be a writer at heart, my throat chakra was screaming for a space to thrive. Podcasting has given me such life, such purpose, helped me tap into even more creativity, it has connected me with the most incredible people, and it’s SUPER fun. So I challenge you, get in touch with your body. Feel out any blockages and ways to release them. It is so empowering when we do!


Remember, meditation isn’t about turning off your mind. Once I realized that it was more about allowing the thoughts to come and go—letting them flow in then releasing them—it took the pressure off. Now, I do it (almost) daily.


I’ll be very transparent, I have never invested more in my own healing in my entire LIFE than I have in this past year. From becoming a Certified Grief Coach to going through a Speak with Soul Course to a Money Mindset Mastermind to becoming a Soul Purpose and Spiritual Life Coach to Digital Course Academy so I can bring you enhanced courses next year… I’ve never invested more, and I’ve never been so happy. I’ve never felt so alive. I have never felt more inspired.

How Did All Of This Help?

I’ve never felt more in touch with what I’m meant to be doing here with my time and energy and soul in this lifetime. That has come about because of all of the things I just mentioned at a very high level, and an incredible number of small nuances in between. But no one forced me to do any of that. No one forced me to take the money out of my pocket or enter my credit card information to pay for these things.

It wasn’t even about the money. I knew the money would come, I would figure out the money. I did it because it was about the transformation I knew was possible and I didn’t want to miss out on. That was too important for me to not explore. Because I have too much life left to live and I know that. That came about because I listened to myself. That came about because I took a step back from my grief and looked at my life and realized a change needed to be made.

It came because I wanted more for myself, my parents would have wanted more, they weren’t going to accept me getting stuck in this ho-hum life, and I was like… damnit, neither am I. I’m done, things are changing now.

What Does This Look Like For You?

Are you seeking a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy in your life but your overwhelm, grief, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, or maybe even others are holding you back? I’ve worked with people who are exactly where you are right now. And now, they’re starting to live their life in abundance and alignment. They’re not the same people they were when we first started working together, their testimonials speak to this, and as a coach that lights me up more than I could possibly express to you.

The finality of a death and all that encompasses is heavy, it’s hard to understand, and yet it’s so a part of the human experience. When I was in my two years of hell, as I like to call it, there were essentially four deaths I had to try and comprehend: My dog, my mom, my dad, and my parents as a unit together. Then, there were countless little deaths on top of that. Loss of self and my identity, loss of myself as a daughter, I went through a breakup just weeks before my dad died so I had to grapple with that, too.

A loss of belonging, extreme loneliness even though some of that was actually self-inflicted. Loss of direction and guidance that I would have gotten from my parents. Loss of my entire future without them, and loss of relationships and how I was able to relate to some people.

I was mourning all of it, these are just a few examples here. Can you relate to any of this? Think about this in your life, too.

Consider Your Losses…

How many big, prominent deaths have there been, and how many—I’m going to say smaller just for argument’s sake—smaller deaths have there been as a result?

These ALL have to be dealt and coped with! They ALL deserve to be given the attention they deserve. Our brain has to process ALL of these, like we were talking about in the beginning.

See what I was getting at here? This is why I started this episode with this, because this is so important to understand. It’s not just the initial loss we’re in the throws of – it’s that and everything after that that trips us up. That’s why loss needs to be dealt with holistically, carefully, intentionally, and with not just acute grief in mind. Because it lasts a LIFETIME.

New things will pop up, new things will come up that we grieve and re-grieve over and over. No one said this was easy! It’s a process, but hear me now. 

It’s the most important transformation and process of your entire life.

Do this well and you will open doors and windows and skylights to the heavens for yourself that you didn’t even know existed. You’ll untap more than you could have possibly even meant to. I know this because I’ve done the work. I continue to do the work, I continue to show up, and I continue to educate and work on my healing and guide both myself and others.

My clients continue to show up. We’re all in this together because we understand the importance, we show up, we take those baby steps, we put the work in, we uplift those around us, and we do the damn thing. Period. 

Why Bother? Why Is This Important?

So if you’re still not convinced you need to discover a more full, happy, intentional life. Or if you’re feeling resistance or I have these limiting beliefs gnawing at you, let me ask you…

What is it worth to you to stay stuck where you are? What is it worth to you to stay stuck in your grief? Miserable? Unfulfilled? Lost, confused, overwhelmed, unsupported? “Just okay”? What is a just okay life, anyway? Who wants that? Who is ACTUALLY content with just an okay life?

I sure hope not you, my friend, because you’re capable and meant for so much more than that.
What if you continued not to do anything differently? What if you didn’t take action? Where would you be in a month? 6 months? A year? 5 years, 10 years?

Show up for yourself. Trust yourself, trust the process, trust the transformation and relish in the opportunity! See it as a sign from your loved ones right now, however this resonates with you. Because staying in the same place is being stagnant. Stagnant will never heal you. It’s like stagnant energy in the body, we have to move it around and out.

Let’s say you’re waiting to get help or waiting to self-educate and explore outlets like I did—be it a course or mastermind or whatever it is—is it because there’s uncertainty? Perhaps you’re afraid of the pain you MIGHT feel? Notice I said MIGHT. You don’t know what’s going to come up for you. 

What if it’s pain, but then joy for the first time in a long time? What if it’s progress and hope and these unbelievable aha moments beyond your wildest dreams? The quality of your life is determined by the amount of uncertainty that you are willing to step into. 

Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

You have to expand your mind and energy and get uncomfortable. You’re probably already uncomfortable in your grief, right? How could it get worse? How could it ACTUALLY get worse in not getting help and exploring some new avenues? Think about it. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Because that equals change.

There is peace and power on the other side of making a decision. Making a decision to give this potential transformation and new life of ours a huge HELL YES. And tell the universe… SHOW ME HOW GOOD IT CAN GET. 

Seriously! Open your arms, take a deep breath, close your eyes if you want to, and ask for it. Put it out there. SHOW ME HOW GOOD IT CAN GET. What if you could be the happiest you’ll ever get after losing someone you love? What is that worth to you, really? And remember, it’s not about “getting over it” and “moving on”. It’s about growing around your grief and giving yourself grace as you move forward. It’s acknowledging that your loss will always be with you.

We can say, “hello, old friend”. We’re going to take some different steps now, okay? We’re going to do some things differently. And here we are, looking ahead, and we’re going take the first step now. We can’t white knuckle and force our healing to happen. We can’t be desperate to heal and move forward because then we miss the most important steps to get there. If you’re feeling any desperate energy, we need to get rid of that and just BE with your grief. 

How You Can Get There

To live an intentional life after loss, we have to choose to made some waves. We have to do some big (and small, meaningful) things. Take some brave steps. We have to get out of our comfort zone, out of the dis-ease, out of the familiar, and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

We might tell ourselves that it’s not for us. It won’t work. It’s not in the budget. It’s not the right time. Whatever it is… 

But let me remind you: grief is for life. For LIFE! Why put your mental health on the back burner? Why give into the overwhelm and excuses and “it’s not the right time”? Let me ask you, when will it ever really be a good time? I want you to know that you are the creator of your most vibrant, intentional meaningful life.

Myself, my podcast, me and this community, other resources surrounding you… we are a conduit to help get you there. This is your grief, and you are now the keeper of this incredible power of taking this next step in your life and creating something extraordinary with it. How incredible is that? What a gift that is amongst such devastation and chaos and loss, right? I want you to feel empowered right now!

How You Need To Be Supported

But I also want you to have people around you who see you, hear you, understand you, and can validate some of the things that you might be going through right now. So for us in our grief, who do we need? Well, we certainly don’t need people telling us “Well, at least they had a good run. At least they’re in a better place. At least they’re out of pain. At least you got to say goodbye”. NO! Not helpful, right? We need positivity. 

We need people who have or are walking the path you are, who are perhaps in deep pain, too, but are equally determined to live their best lives after loss. Who can walk this similar path to you so we can all uplift each other as we do it. THOSE are the kinds of people we need around us.

It’s this higher brain, higher frequency, higher vibrational living that’s going to change your life. I’ve been where you are, I know how beliefs about our grief can lead to this negative one and this negative one and this negative one over here. But that lower brain, lower vibrational, lower frequency thinking ain’t it! That’s not what we’re here for! 

And I also know how it doesn’t serve us. I know how detrimental all of this can be to our psyche, especially if we’re going through it alone, or we are simply not surrounded by the most positive influences that uplift and inspire and motivate us. But we also have to want it.

I Am Not Ready… Yet

So I encourage you… go deeper. Get curious about your grief and your life. Maybe you’ve never really thought about what you want, or haven’t since you suffered whatever loss you have. One thing I want you to ponder is what it would be like to go from just existing and surviving by a thread or simply being “okay” with your life, to living and thriving. And if you don’t think that’s possible for you or you’re feeling whatever resistance you are… add “yet” to that.

I’m not ready… yet.

I’m not in a good mental place to do this… yet.

I don’t know where to start… yet.

I’m not capable… yet. But you actually SO ARE. The power is entirely within you, as I’ve said. And if this is you right now I want you to challenge that belief big time and ask yourself where that’s coming from.

I’m not over it… yet. But again, you don’t NEED to be over your loss. There’s really no “getting over it”, so get that expectation out of your head tight now.

There is so much power in YET.

Life Before and After Loss

I always like to describe my life as sort of more one-dimensional before I went through the loss I did. I had a beautiful life! I had beautiful parents, I had a beautiful dog. I didn’t want any of that to change. But loss and grief force you to see things differently, right? It adds complexity and layers to your life. There’s an emptiness, sure, but there’s also so much soul and depth we can tap into that people who don’t know loss simply can’t

That’s a gift. Whether we want to realize or admit that yet or not that’s a gift. I’m not saying it’s a gift our loved ones died. But what we can and should and will make of it… that is. THAT is living fully, intentionally, and with purpose with our pain. You have to wake up and make a choice to do that. That doesn’t come easily, and that doesn’t come easily to everyone.

But if you’re here listening to this right now, I’d venture to say you’re a person who can and has the will and determination to do so. So look inward and ask yourself… are you willing to do that? Are you willing to dig deeper and see what more life has to offer you?

Because it’s there, ready and waiting for you to open up and accept it. We can’t expect it to just be thrown at us easily sometimes, we know that if we’ve been through loss, right?! Life is going to make us work for things. But just when we think we’re too lost, too fargone, too sad, too not ready for whatever reason… that’s when the magic happens. That’s when things get good if we allow it to.

Why This is Valuable To Your Life

So much of this process is within us, but so much of it also includes a community aspect as a way of coming together and understanding our journeys. 

You can have an amazing support system around you, but if it’s not filled with the kind of supportive, uplifting people you need around you… or those who simply don’t get it or have different viewpoints on how your grief should be handled, it doesn’t really help.

When I started Losses Become Gains, it was always about the community.

As I got more inundated in the grief community and started receiving more and more feedback, and getting more and more clients, comments on Facebook, Instagram, DM‘s, my inbox, I realized there was such a need for a solid, supportive, reliable community. One that combines being around other people who understand where you are, where you’ve been, what you’re going through, and what lies ahead of you.

Combining Grief Coaching and Soul Purpose Coaching

But also having some help from a grief coach in there, because let’s be real, it might be helpful to have someone leading the charge and ushering you along in this journey. One who has not only been there and seen her own fair share of grief, like I said I was really my own first student here, but took it a step further to actually go through the education of becoming someone who can coach and guide on this topic. 

That really meant something to me to be able to offer grievers the most well-rounded, well-educated, and well-developed resources, tools, guidance, prompts, and exercises you could possibly ask for or need. But, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you or make you feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew too quickly when you might already be in a time of really intense morning or grief. I didn’t want to continue feeling unfulfilled in multiple aspects of my life, let alone one and didn’t have my parents and beloved dog in it.

I was getting restless and frustrated with my grief, and the overwhelm of trying to make sense of it all. One day I just had to stop myself and say, that’s it, no more. I want to live in a way where I can laugh again. Where I am not searching for something else because I’m so confused, and having lost what I have. I want to live in a way that I can honor my parents, memory, because that’s exactly what they would want me to do, but in a way that incorporates these massive losses into my life.

Living On Our Own Terms, Intentionally

I finally took my foot off the gas in feeling the need to conform to others’ ideas of what grief and that timeline should look like. I wanted to live on my terms, so I started living life on my own terms. I want to encourage you that YOU can also live on your own terms even when you feel like you can’t. When you feel like your grief and your losses and all of the complex emotions that come along with that are the ones that are steering the ship and you were just completely out of control and can’t see a way out of it.

And that can be really scary, right? But that’s the thing. When we surrender to the process a little bit, and understand that it is a process, and that we CAN live intentionally, and with purpose and meaning—despite any hardship or adversity that has come our way in our lifetime. That is where empowerment lives. That is intentionality at its finest. That is where Joy and safety live. That’s my offering and invitation to you. I also want to remind you once again that you become what you believe. So, I also invite you to show yourself what you’re capable of.

What Change and Growth Really Looks Like

It’s not one big, sexy, flashy change. Working on your mindset? It happens in the micro moments—not the macro moments. That’s where the “aha” moments come in. But sometimes, we need some help. Sometimes we need it a little more bite-sized.

Because you might be like, “Well, this all sounds good and well, Tara, but I’m still overwhelmed, this still feels like too much, I don’t know about all of this right now.”

We talked about this earlier… what would it look like? What is it worth to you? To go from simply existing here to truly living and thriving in your most confident, healed, optimistic, joyful self.

That’s how I envisioned the Intentional Life After Loss Membership and Community that I created. I didn’t really anticipate creating a membership and community when LBG was first formed. I had zero expectations of what would come, really. But the more I listened, the more feedback I got, the more people I’ve coached… this is what people need. That is how I envisioned this and this is how this came to life, so that together we could bring YOU back to life after loss.

What Can You Expect When Living Intentionally?

The goal of Intentional Life After Loss is to provide a deeper, more meaningful life that consistently allows you to work on your healing journey, particularly if you’ve experienced the death of a loved one and are having difficulty discovering how to “live” instead of simply “exist”. It takes a community, the right tools and mindset, and prioritizing you. It’s EVERYTHING we’ve talked about today!

It’s an aspect of post-traumatic growth, and that is a real thing if you haven’t heard of it. Post-traumatic growth can happen when someone experiences a traumatic event that challenges their core beliefs. They endure some form of psychological struggle, and then ultimately finds a sense of personal growth. It’s a process that “takes a lot of time, energy and there’s some struggle, but it’s doable!

How Does This Happen?

This happens though…

  • Education
  • Emotional regulation
  • Being able to articulate and communicate these things, which helps us to make sense of the trauma and turn debilitating thoughts into more productive reflections.
  • Narrative development, which means producing an authentic narrative about the trauma and our lives afterward so that we can accept the chapters already written, and imagine crafting the next ones in a meaningful way. 
  • And finally, service. People do better in the aftermath of trauma if they find work that benefits others, period.

That is growth. That is turning your pain into purpose, your losses into gains, and that is the core of this membership and community. I help you integrate the lessons and practices that is shared through our monthly content into your life.

What You’re Served Each Month

There are four things you’re provided and served each month:

  • A live group coaching call and Q&A’s to ask me anything you want related to your grief, trauma, and this healing journey. I love this too becuase a question you might ask or a topic you bring up can help those around you. Hi, one of the best things about a community!
  • A digital download – so this might be a coping tool, an exercise I have for you, some prompts with some questions to get you thinking… again, just enough to keep you going but manageable and doesn’t feel like some crazy homework assignment. Very very digestible and doable.
  • A piece of monthly video and/or audio content. This is typically a video where I dive into a particular topic with you that’s related to grief and/or life development topics, an extra podcast episode, a wellness practice, and more.
  • And we also have a Facebook group where this community aspect is really rounded out and we can all come together as fellow grievers and just support and uplift each other even further.

That’s it! This isn’t overcomplicated here.

It’s about building around your pain. It’s supporting yourself on this long, crazy, complex journey with a sense of community alongside the perfect tools to help you! And, of course, we’re addressing the core of our grief here, but there’s so much more to the story with living this full, happy, intentional life.

What Does Intentional Life After Loss Cover?

With my soul purpose coaching intertwined into grief coaching, on any given month we’ll cover things like…

  • Coping with grief, loss, and hardship
  • Managing anxiety, stress, and fear
  • Shifting your mindset
  • Intentional and healthy living
  • Wellness, self-care, and somatics
  • Mind-body connection
  • Tapping into your higher self
  • Discovering your “why”
  • Discovering your soul and dharma

This is your invitation to go deeper, get curious, get excited about how WONDERFUL life can be for you after a loss. It’s content and community and live coaching and Q&A calls that speak to your soul and challenge you and your grief to make a long-lasting impact on your emotional wellbeing. Finally feeling hope and progress!

I CHOSE help. I CHOSE to take action for myself and those around me. I want something more beautiful and fulfilling and impactful for myself. Because coping with our grief is a choice, don’t mistake that for a moment. We can get stuck and stay stuck, or we can choose to put a hand out and ask for help. We can choose to take small steps each day to understand it, to embrace it, to get curious about it, and to help ourselves along in this very tumultuous journey. But it’s not one you have to do alone.

That’s what you’re doing when you step into this membership.

What Will I Gain By Joining?

You’ll gain the ability to have a clearer view of your grief, you’ll find direction and a sense of belonging, and you’ll feel uplifted as you go through this process to live an intentional, full life. This membership is designed to take you to the next level and find your “gains” from your losses once and for all, in a way that is impactful, educational, and inspiring.

Now, if you’re feeling some resistance to all of this… I feel you. But if you’re waiting to get help or feeling like it’s not the right time… why? What are you waiting for? Are you afraid of the pain you might feel? The uncertainty? Don’t believe it’ll work or think you’re too fargone? That it’s not possible? Don’t have time? Don’t have the support? Too expensive?

I mean, listen… if you can carve out the time to read this post or indulge in any other self-healing activity, you can certainly integrate this membership and all it encompasses into your life. Because again, it gives you just enough each month to not overwhelm you, but there’s impact. I want you to feel the impact right away so you can truly begin healing right away.

What Does This Membership and Community Require?

It requires you to step into things you feel uncomfortable with. Investing in yourself when you maybe haven’t before. Maybe this is what you need! So I want to empower you to lean into that courage. What would it look like to invest that time in yourself?

Knowing that as you go, you’re becoming a brand new, changed human being? In just a matter of months from now, you could have a brand new life ahead of you. What is that worth to you? What monetary value, really, can you put on shifting your mindset to literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Where you won’t be feeling those feelings of anxiety or overwhelm anymore, you’ll be living more peacefully and fully. And what if I can help solve that for you? We want to rewire some beliefs and patterns that got you to this place and to prevent your grief from overcoming your life any further. So ask yourself: what are you willing to let go of that’s no longer serving you, and what are you willing to give a huge HELL YES to?

Doing The “Hard Thing”

In order to change, we have to do some hard things. I see it for you. So I ask you: do you see it for you? What would it take for you to focus on this for you to do this right now? You are not going to be the same person, and I want for you to be excited about that.

We’re exchanging this beautiful energy each month, and you’re committing to the process. There’s no way you’ll ever be quite the same after that. That is a massively amazing thing when you really sit and think about it, and I am inviting you to get some skin in the game! 

Take matters into your own hands, allow me the incredible honor of guiding you along the way because this is what I do best, and we’re going to create some absolute freaking MAGIC together both as individuals, and as a community.

If anything in this post today resonated with you, you’re going to want to check this membership and community out. It’s truly like nothing you’ve experienced before, I have no doubt. You’re also welcome to email me at! I’m offering a complimentary 30-minute call if you’re on the fence about whether this is right for you. If you’re not sure, let’s talk about it! I want you to feel so sure and clear confident if you choose to join us.

You are beyond capable of it. You’re capable of big, life-changing, beautiful things. However I can help you get there, that’s my job! I’m sending you massive hugs and lots of amazing energy today.

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