Setting boundaries has become more and more critical in our fast-paced, highly interconnected world. Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, establishing healthy limits helps us protect our mental and emotional well-being. When could that be more important than when we’re emotionally taxed with grief after a loss, right?

Let me remind you: boundaries are not selfish. Boundaries are a form of self-care! They ensure that we respect ourselves and others while maintaining our sanity and happiness (or some semblance of this, whatever we can find in grief… amitire?).

Your gain from this episode today is to learn why setting boundaries after a loss is so critical to a successful healing journey, and learn some of my best practices and recommendations for doing this.

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Navigating parent loss and recovery, I strengthened my emotional, physical, and spiritual connection to myself and others—one day at a time—and developed methods to create a life greater than I could have imagined. You can, too.

This is for those who are feeling profoundly overwhelmed and hurting, perhaps there’s no clear path forward without who you’ve lost, zero light at the end of the tunnel (maybe you can’t even find the tunnel, right?), you’re simply “existing” but not really living because it’s just too hard, painful, or you simply don’t want to. Life has lost its luster.

But your life is not over. Not even close. You have a responsibility to live your life as beautifully, vibrantly, meaningfully, and intentionally as possible after loss. My true joy and purpose in life is helping you get there, and we can do this together through Intentional Life After Loss.

It’s not about “getting over it” and “moving on”. It’s about trusting yourself, the process, and growing around your grief and giving yourself grace as you move forward. It’s acknowledging that your loss will always be with you, but doing so in a way that’s easy to digest and is all about the baby steps—in a way that isn’t daunting or too much too fast. It’s about building around your pain. It’s supporting yourself on this long, crazy journey with a sense of community alongside the perfect tools to help you!

You’ll have access to an exclusive community and my expertise & guidance as a Grief Coach where you can find support, connection, and empowerment as you go after the life you want.

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