Have you ever had someone around you who hasn’t experienced a loss? Or, perhaps one not as “deep” or intense as yours? Have you found this to be difficult, or perhaps even a little frustrating? These feelings can often lead to a lot of resentment. Can you relate?

When I polled my audience on Instagram, this is a subject that came up multiple times so I think it’s really worth digging into in this episode. It’s honestly a great question, too. How DO we not feel resentful of someone who hasn’t experienced loss? Where do we start?

Your gain today will be to get a better understanding of why we might feel resentful, ways we might feel resentful, and ways to shift your mindset away from this resentment a little bit to begin coping with it and releasing it.

As a taboo topic, this can be hard to admit! We might not necessarily want to feel resentful or be proud of it, right? But so many grievers experience this, I have certainly been one of them, so we’re digging into it today.

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