Having to make decisions when a loved one’s health is declining, or even after they’ve died, is not only difficult but is something we can question over and over again.

We can question whether our decisions about things are the right ones through the fog of our grief, and not even want the weight of that responsibility, right? So, if we’re faced with decisions like this, what do we do? What do we do if we HAVE to make decisions, be it about their health, their estate, legal issues, decisions that affect our family, etc.?

Your gain from this episode will be to join me in identifying how and why making decisions around our loved ones can be one of the most confounding parts of the process before they die, and even after they die.

You know I’m all about coping tools, so we’ll also get into some ways to better cope with this, feel a little better about it, and find some peace with it all.

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