There are a lot of misconceptions about how we feel and process our emotions, but this is a massive key to coping with our grief and unlocking this full, intentional life we want to live that I’m always going on about! I wanted this quick conversation to be about why we grieve the way we do. Why it’s so emotional, why we can feel stuck, why it can feel irrational.

We’re not just validating your feelings here, we’re digging deeper about WHY exactly grief hurts so bad.  Why it burns and aches in places we didn’t know we had within us, why that’s sometimes hard to understand, and why it can be so difficult to navigate on a day-to-day basis. But when we can better understand the “why” behind this, we can better understand the emotions we’re feeling and why they’re coming up so strong. 

That, my friend, is when we can start feeling unstuck, more patient with our grief, and even hopeful that this process will evolve and shift with time and the right grief work.

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