Today I’m here with a very raw and honest solo episode as a reflection—and sharing realizations I’ve had over time—of four years without my mom, Lori Jordan. This episode is releasing a couple of days before my mom actually died, but four years ago on December 9th, my mom died due to her difficult and, frankly, brutal and graphic journey with esophageal cancer.

Your gain today is to get to know my mom a little better here and there, but really to just have a very real conversation about the pain around losing a mother or mother figure and what this actually looks like over a little bit of time. And, finally, to share some things that have been on my heart lately with navigating life without her in hopes that you or someone you know can resonate with this today.

If you do know someone who might benefit from this episode, I would love for you to share it! Especially being pregnant as I am currently, this year is hitting a little harder than usual. But honestly, whether or not you’ve lost a mother specifically, I have no doubt some of the things I’ll say or get into in this episode will be really relatable for you in so many ways.

I think these milestones (albeit sad ones) are important to acknowledge and reflect back on. If this can help anyone else out there today, or help you feel less alone, that’s my goal.

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