Have you heard of that expression “things are happening for me, not to me”? 

This concept is one I absolutely LOVE. But it’s one that isn’t always easy to see and feel, especially as we’re grieving, right? It can feel like the world is out to get us. Especially when it feels like it’s just loss after loss, and we can’t help but wonder when it’ll end. When rock bottom will finally show itself. Why things keep happening to us or the ones we love and we can’t catch a break.

It’s exhausting, overwhelming, confusing, and can feel very defeating. Does this sound familiar or hit close to home?

Your gain from this episode is to get a better understanding of what this expression and idea actually means, but moreover, how impactful this mindset shift can be for you. 

This phrase “things are happening for me, not to me” is really a mindset or perspective than some pretty quote we have to desperately try and believe in. It suggests that events or situations in our lives are not happening randomly or without purpose, but rather they’re happening to help us learn, grow, and become better versions of ourselves. It emphasizes the idea that every experience, whether good or bad, can be seen as an opportunity for personal growth and development. 

And, by embracing this perspective, we can approach challenging situations with greater resilience, curiosity, and openness to learning, rather than feeling victimized by circumstances beyond our control. We dig into all of that and way more in this episode!

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