Part three of our busting common grief myths is HERE!

Once again we’re welcoming back with Shea Wingate, Licensed Therapist, Grief Coach, and a fellow griever just like me (and probably you!).

In this final part 3, we’re chatting about the following myths:

  • I need to be strong for my family
  • The first year is the hardest
  • All grief is the same

We wanted to make these episodes as bite-sized for you as possible, so be sure to check out the following episodes for parts 1 and 2—because there’s a LOT more where this came from!

Part 1 | Episode 46:

Here we cover:

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Time heals all wounds
  • There are 5 stages of grief
  • Your loved one wouldn’t want you to be sad

Part 2 | Episode 51:

Here we cover:

  • There is a right and a wrong way to grieve.
  • I’m strange for needing help.
  • I shouldn’t be happy while grieving.
  • I need to get back to normal.

This series of episodes was created because Shea devised this awesome Grief Myths Mini Series (details are linked below!) to offer you some support, guidance, and solace in your grieving journey.

These myths are things that can really get us stuck in our grief, so I think it’s really worth talking about!

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