I’m so excited to share this very special guest, dear friend, and calming soul on the podcast today. Sharna Southan is a Pregnancy loss Practitioner & certified Trauma-informed Coach. She’s mom to her rainbow baby, a business owner, and wife based in Australia.

Following her heart and soul into business after her own Pregnancy loss in 2017, like me, Sharna believes that our adversity gives us an opportunity to grow. She founded The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss to support parents of loss by creating her transformative Pregnancy Loss Recovery Method, AND teaching her Signature Pregnancy Loss Practitioner™️ Certification Program. She’s also a fellow podcaster where she sheds light on pregnancy loss, healing, and recovery.

Here on the LBG Podcast, we haven’t fully addressed pregnancy, infant, and child loss yet in such an intentional way. So, that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode! I thought this was not only opportune timing being pregnant myself and wanting to use this as an opportunity to educate myself, but since this episode is launching right before the holidays, I wanted to make sure we have this conversation now so we can best support those who have seen this kind of loss and might be struggling this season.

But trust me, we get into WAY more here and some absolutely beautiful mindset shifts that I know you won’t want to miss. So much so that we literally talked for over two hours… and I had to split this into two episodes!

Episode 29 is part one, and here we dig into her truly heartbreaking story, how this grief can affect our relationships, the loss of her father on top of all of this, how she has continued to cope with this over the years, and more. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we get into even more about this topic, coping tools, and some impactful ways to think about and handle our grief that you are NO doubt going to want to hear!

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