We’re back with episode 30 of the podcast, and once again we’re digging into pregnancy, infant, and child loss with Sharna Southan, my go-to girl and Pregnancy Loss Practitioner & Certified Trauma-informed Coach.

In part two of this crazy impactful and inspiring episode…

  • We dig deeper into how grief (of this loss, but really ANY type of loss) can affect how we move forward, and how it can affect future glimpses of happiness we might feel.
  • Sharna talks about her beautiful rainbow baby and how the trauma of her first loss impacted her pregnancy with her daughter in some ways, and it was so eye-opening.
  • We talk about what “healing” from pregnancy loss really looks and feels like, how we can approach this.
  • Chat about some useful coping tools and some positive mindset shifts with some AMAZING higher brain thinking that will no doubt leave you feeling more uplifted.
  • How to better support and acknowledge those who have been through this type of loss.

Where to find Sharna:

IG: @instituteofhealing_pl
IG: @pregnancyloss_podcast
Website: www.sharnasouthan.com
“Surviving Christmas”: https://sharna-southan.mykajabi.com/pl/2147643760
Nurture Your Nervous System Online Support Program: https://sharna-southan.mykajabi.com/offers/LUznH4mF

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